We have all been asked to distance ourselves from our neighbors to stem the tide of Covid-19. This is not a natural state for humans: community is written into our DNA. This distancing can be seen as a necessary social tool, an individual act of community service, or even a gesture of generosity to others who may be more vulnerable.

For this exhibition, artists address the idea of social distancing, isolation, and community. The works are exhibited in specific locations throughout Salt Lake City via the Popwalk smartphone application. You can access the artworks as you go to the location intended for the exhibition. As you go to experience the works, please maintian social distance.

Some of the locations of artworks around Salt Lake City.

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to see works by Kristina Lenzi, Adam Bateman, Justin Watson, Keely Song, Emmett Wilson, Ron Linn, Sara Lynne Lindsay, and others. More artists will add to the exhibition over the next few months.

featured image by Ron Linn.

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