The Popwalk Smartphone Application and the Art History department at Brigham Young University have collaborated to promote the public artwork collections of BYU and Provo. Art history students at BYU researched the artworks found in the city and university collections, to gather information about the history, themes, and creators of the artworks. This information was put into videos, displayed through the Popwalk app at the locations of the works of art. 

It is our hope that this project will create more interest in, and appreciation for, the wonderful public art in Provo and at BYU. Provo is a cultural center for the region, and much of the public art in the city is found along the historic Center Street in Provo. This broad, tree-lined avenue is a mix of cafes, book stores, restaurants and music venues. The Covey Center for the Arts is also an important part of this historic district. The work of these art history students will support the Provo arts district and bring attention to the cultural resources of this city and university. 

This project is being supported by the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies at Brigham Young University. We would like to thank them for the generous support of this project and the work that they do to highlight the history of Western United States.

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