The Popwalk app gives you the ability to exhibit your video in any location. Artists and arts organizations are using this unique tool to share their work in the places that will make it most meaningful. Sometimes that is right inside a museum.

The Springville Museum of Art is using Popwalk to enrich the experience of the artwork in their 96th Annual Spring Salon Exhibition. This exhibition features works from artists all over the state. Many people keep the pulse of the art in the state through this exhibition. To enrich the experience of the exhibit, the museum invited the award winning artists to create short video statements about their artwork and their art practice.

These videos were put up on the Popwalk app so that, as you walk through the galleries, you can hear from individual artists about their work. As we walked through the exhibit, we were given many little gems of information about the artworks. The artists did a great job sharing their thoughts and it enriched our experience of the exhibit!

If you are in the region, please go see the exhibit. To read more about the exhibition, go here.

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