We exhibit site-specific cultural work anywhere. In place.

But as we have developed this kind of work, and collaborated with other arts organizations to put up their site specific projects, we recognize that there is a need to be able to communicate the details of these projects to larger audiences. 

To help us do this, we have developed a trailer map tool. This tool allows us to generate online maps of our projects and put up a ‘movie trailer’ version of those videos on the map. These maps can be individualized to show certain works and portions of the videos on the map.

The map above was created for the 2021 Art in Odd Places performance festival, Normal, happening May 14-16. This festival features over sixty artists who will create site specific works up and down 14th Street in Manhattan. When you click on any of the icons on the map, you can see the name of the performer and the title of their performance. When the videos of the performances have been made, a portion of each video will be accessible to be viewed on this map, allowing website visitors the ability to get a glimpse of the content available on the Popwalk app.

Our hope is that the online trailer map will allow broader audiences to understand the kinds of works that will be exhibited in a particular area. It is also a convenient tool for those partner organizations that use Popwalk to share their content. One of the organizations that has taken advantage of this trailer map tool is the Springville museum of Art, in Springville, Utah. You can read more about that collaboration here

WIth the trailer map tool, the Springville Museum of Art was able to use the trailer map tool on their website to feature the content that they are exhibiting in their museum, while not giving all of the content away. 

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