Popwalk and the Yard exhibition space in Colorado City, CO are thrilled to announce a new installation opening in August. This exhibition is a collaboration with Denver-based video artist, Annette Isham and the Popwalk app as part of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center’s 3×3 Projects: Creative Collaborations from Isolation.
Annette Isham, still from “Venus: A Space to Hold, Redeemer 2“, 2021
Beginning August 1, 2021 a new series of video works by Annette Isham will be virtually installed in The Yard and surrounding Divine Redeemer neighborhood in Colorado Springs. The site-specific works will be experienced through the Popwalk  app, encouraging a meandering walk through suburban western landscape.

Born in Dominican Republic and growing up in Colorado, Annette Isham’s recent videos explore associations with geography, more specifically, how a woman of mixed race adds her own history to the masculine myth of the American West. She sees her practice as having opposing forces, on one side a feeling of alienation from the American Landscape, and on the other, a need to compose a new legend. The modern feminine inhabits her landscape, is multicolored and multi-dimensional, moving in and out of origin, multiplying and dividing.

This new series of videos will respond to the hyper-local landscape of The Yard and surrounding neighborhood, as well as the context of southern Colorado and the American West. The work will explore the dynamics of gender, race, and geography by performing, animating and creating worlds that play with time and space. Isham investigates The Yard and its suburban surroundings with drone footage, surveilling this 1950s era suburban neighborhood. By incorporating landscape imagery, abstraction, obstacles, digital manipulation, animation, and soundscapes the final works will add moments of fantasy, failure, and the sublime back into the original sites of production. These works will be integrated into Popwalk, to place them back within the original locations to be viewed in situ by visitors to The Yard, neighborhood residents, passersby, and anyone with a smartphone and the Popwalk app. These works will remain “installed” in the digital sphere on a long-term basis, and will exist as a semi-permanent virtual exhibition in The Yard and Popwalk.

This collaborative project encourages meandering and the pondering of a suburban, western landscape. It creates a unique opportunity to explore the physical world in augmented reality, and to safely experience immersive, site-specific art during a global pandemic.

Viewers will be able to explore Annette Isham’s video installation in The Yard within Popwalk. Follow these steps to experience the work:

Download the Popwalk app from Google Play or the App Store
Create an account and login
Physically visit The Yard at the following coordinates: 38.847596,-104.799216
Using the map feature within Popwalk, navigate to the dots.
When you are at the specified locations, the videos will become available.
Click play to experience these works on site.

Annette Isham (she/her/hers) is an artist and professor currently living in Denver, Colorado. Isham received her M.F.A. from The American University and teaches 4D and Animation at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design . Isham has exhibited nationally, most recently showing the series, Among The Multitudes, at CURRENTS International Media Festival in Santa Fe and her film Sweet Slow: Indirection as part of Unbounded Unleashed Unforgiving: Reconsidering Cyberfmeinism in 2021, a virtual exhibition made in collaboration with New Art City, the College Art Association, and the New Media Caucus. Isham has recently completed a residency at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, CO.

This project is supported by a 3×3 Projects grant from the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College.

We want to thank Jessica Langley, from The Yard, for the contribution of this post to our blog. The address of the Yard is: 1010 N. Logan Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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